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Today’s marketers must use a variety of statistics to determine the effectiveness of a marketing or advertising effort. Especially with the rise of digital marketing during the last decade. While these high-level metrics provide value to companies or marketing and advertising agency clients, it may be frustrating when they do not show a growth in sales or income. This causes consumers to doubt the value and ROI of their marketing efforts. The issue is that link clicks, impressions, form fills, email opens, sales and other metrics are not the sole way to identify successful marketing or advertising efforts.

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This is because one indicator consistently falls short:

brand effect.

To address this issue, marketing and advertising firms are doing market research, such as campaign assessment surveys, to demonstrate the genuine validity and worth of their campaigns to their clients.

Here is where market research comes in.

In step 1, a market research firm, such as 360 digitals will conduct a post-campaign assessment survey using a new and fresh random sample from the same market area. The market research will assess the same indicators that were assessed in the pre-campaign assessment survey (awareness, perception, likelihood to purchase, etc.). The marketing and advertising team now has a comprehensive set of campaign metrics to share with the client, investors, leadership teams, and others.

Data from campaign assessment surveys are frequently presented as follows:

  • Your brand’s perception improved by 10%.
  • 15% of potential consumers are more inclined to make their next purchase with your firm.
  • As a result of the marketing effort, two out of every five people are more aware of your brand.
  • Brand awareness sources rose by 25%.
  • Positive word connection with your brand is 15% higher.

This provides a holistic picture of the impact of an advertising campaign by integrating quantifiable statistics (clicks, sales, etc.) with previously unmeasurable indicators now collected via an online survey.

360 digitals can help you conduct a campaign evaluation survey

Campaign assessment surveys give businesses and agencies a comprehensive picture of how marketing campaigns affect brand impact. With our help, you may begin evaluating improvements in brand recognition, perception, the probability to purchase, and much more.

360 digital is a globally available full-service market research firm. Our staff conducts campaign assessment surveys for a wide range of marketing departments around the country.

Marketing and ad agencies may boost their offers by including a thorough campaign review unlike anything prospects have seen before by teaming with a market research organization specialized in campaign evaluation surveys.

How we Create a Successful Marketing Campaign

Creating a whole campaign may appear to be a huge endeavor, but it is a simple procedure. We’ve divided the process into four stages: planning, distribution, customer conversion, and ad testing.

management of campaign

Today’s  company faces greater challenges than ever before. This continuously changing business landscape provides an infinite number of projects that might divert resources away from core business objectives. Using 360 digitals Professional Services team will guarantee that you continue to get the most out of your staff.

We Are Available to Assist You With:

Creating a survey
  • Make a new survey depending on your parameters (or with the help of our market research team)
  • Adapt question logic to provide the most efficient responder experience feasible.
  • Set up email notifications, invites, reminders, and so on.
  • Set up password and/or auto-fill fields.
Survey Launch
  • Upload distribution lists based on user-supplied information or paid panel respondent invitations.
  • Customize the autofill data file based on user input.
  • Examine the distribution list for appropriate syntax and domain name spelling (by checking mail server records)
  • Control launch loudness and timing.
Management of Bounce Back
  • Report on unknown domains, non-existent addresses, full mailboxes, auto-replies, blocked invites, and so on.
Custom Report Design
  • Management of 360 digitals Reports
  • Assign values/labels to response options following the requirements.
  • Include statistical data in the report.
  • Insert own text and graphics, as well as change existing material and charts. Make cross-tabs
  • Configure and maintain filters based on user preferences (by answer options, dates, e-mail addresses). Adapt the filter logic
  • Include time-series reporting.
  • Make a remote filter (allow to provide access to report with filters without providing access to the account)
  • Report Generation in Excel/Word/Access
  • Create charts/graphs/statistics/etc. in accordance with the specifications.
  • Making a Dashboard Report in QlikView
    • Consultation on how to best use BI Dashboards to graphically portray data
    • To develop, create and host a customizable web-based corporate intelligence dashboard.
    Upload Historical Data for Trending
    • Upload replies to the 360 digitals application form file in the format given.
    • Prepare/edit the file to suit uploading requirements.
    Data Extraction and Report Distribution
    • Provide a file (. *.csv, Excel, SPSS, or XML) containing respondent level exported data
    • Schedule and carry out data file and/or report distribution

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