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You may not know it, but your company's information is widely available on the Internet. 360 digitals Listings Management service will ensure that your business information is correct everywhere people are looking for you. We regularly examine and manage your information on loading websites, directories, and applications, giving you complete control over how your listings appear online.

360 digitals idea firm is your one-stop-shop for keeping your online information comprehensive and correct everywhere your consumers look, including voice search through Siri, Alexa, and Google. 360 digitals also allow you to update your information throughout the web with a single call.

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The Importance of Listing Management to a Business

Citations are extremely significant as an SEO indication. However, incorrect data can seriously stymie outcomes.

  • Improves a Company's Reputation: Listings on prominent platforms, including favorable reviews, aid in the development of a company's reputation in the eyes of customers.
  • Offers the Opportunity to Be Listed in a Vertical: With GMB concentrating more on verticalization, why not assist your clients in capitalizing on this rising trend in verticals such as woman-led, veteran-owned, and more?
  • Brings Tangible Leads: Above all, listing management results in great outcomes for local companies. Local companies may grow their brand through improved exposure and trust.

95 percent of people looking for a local company discovered incorrect information. Do you believe your company's information is correct? Let us investigate… Keeping your information up to date, among other things

Listings match and are locked

We'll authenticate your company's details and take over new business listings as soon as they go up.

Insights and reporting

You'll have access to online reporting 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can always check how your online listings are driving interaction.

Personalized    content   

Differentiate yourself from the competition by including images, videos, events, menus, and more.

Updates in real-time

We'll make certain that your consumers see correct, Up To Date information about your company in search and voice search!

Listings are used for marketing

Turn your listings into marketing opportunities by emphasizing promotions, discounts, and bargains, among other things. When a local business's web listings include inaccurate information, 80

percent of customers lose trust in it. 2 Every six days, your internet company profiles are updated.

Listing management is a continuous activity

When you stop the process, the errors return. Changes from third-party sources might make it more difficult for your consumers to locate and
contact you if they are not continuously monitored. The company information for your small firm may be altered as frequently as 61 times each year on average.

Not Every Listing Management Company Is Created Equal

While the principle of listing management is reasonable, there is plenty of space for mistakes in reality. The truth is that not all listing management firms are made equal – and incorrect data is the quickest method to sever your client's connection with search engines. Because listing management services differ, it is critical to work with the correct supplier to support your brand, franchise, and agency clients.

Effective Listing Management Requires Technology

Have you considered the number of reference sources available to your clients? The list might seem endless, which is only one of the reasons why claiming these listings individually is wasteful and, in nearly all circumstances, impossible. 360 digitals distribute data in real-time to many of these sources through API, ensuring that listings are constantly up to date.

Take your first step now by contacting us to make your listing accurate and updated with our most effective listing management service, which will surely not going to disappoint you.

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