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Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) help create personalized, hands-on experiences leading your business to close more sales. With 360 Digital Idea's B2B AR and VR solutions, you can discover and implement the best ideas for AR and VR experiences.

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Manifest the best B2B Sale Solution with AR/VR

Augmented reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) can be used for any product or service provider to close more sales and boost your business growth. With the use of AR VR solutions, you can easily generate more leads, drive more sales, and maintain your market share.
360 Digital Idea is one of the best E-commerce development agencies that provide high-end PIM development services to help you achieve your business goals and secure a higher position in the competitive market.
We have a dedicated team of skilled members with many years of experience in open-source E-commerce frameworks and enterprise platforms. Connect with us now to get the most progressive growth with using AR/VR solutions.

How will an AR and VR solution from360 Digital Idea help your B2B?

Working with us for your B2B dealings with AR/VR solutions helps you in many ways which may include:

Creating an excellent presentation of your product or services

Using AR/VR solutions, we help you in creating interactive experiences for your target audience, unlike the traditional sale presentation where your audience was supposed to listen or watch your presentation. Our AR/VR solutions help your audience experience your products before buying them that makes them satisfied and increase their chances of buying them. This gives you the chance to get remembered by your audience and makes a positive impact on them.

Increasing brand awareness and improve customer engagement

There are many ways of creating brand awareness that includes visiting tradeshows, conducting a virtual presentation, or even visiting lead locations, AR/VR solutions can create a hands-on experience for engaging your leads and creating brand awareness.
With 360 Digital Idea's AR/VR solutions, you can create an engaging and hands-on experience that will be remembered by your leads and target audience. These memories can assist them in choosing your products over your competitor's as you are able to create an immersive display and experience for your audience who can't resist their attention and pull towards your product or services.

Ways How AR/VR Influence B2B Marketing:

Product testing

AR/VR lets you present your products or services in a way that seems real and tangible and lets your audience experience them virtually. This way, they are able to get the product demo and learn how it can work for them, compelling them to give the products a chance!


VR offers you the opportunity to rearrange each product offer so as to meet the needs and expectations of every single prospect individually.

Digital Training

Organizing digital training sessions for your audience is a great way of getting closer to your B2B prospect. Here you don’t just sell your products but also provide clients with the state of the art learning methods.

Reduces sale cycle

Meeting your audience physically involves a long process where you have to prove your product quality in a number of meetings, pitches, and presentations before stakeholders or decision-makers, while using AR and VR solutions you can hold virtual meetings and give your product presentation in the virtual world simplifying the entire sales process.

Hence, AR/VR solutions can help you improve your relations with B2B clients, by presenting your products or services in a way that can create a highly positive impact on their minds.
While many of the B2B companies oversee the powerful effect of AR and VR solutions, as they are not very aware of the ways of using them for their products. If you are one of them, then you must implement AR/VR in your business so that you don't lose your prospective client to your competitors. Get in touch now and start creating more leads, get more ROI and earn better revenue with our AR/VR services.

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